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Commercial Loan Management Platform

Cerebro Capital is proud to work with large public and mid-market private organizations across a variety of industries. When we set out to create an online business loan management platform, we wanted to provide solutions for all sides of the debt transaction. Cerebro is on a mission to create tools to make the debt placement and loan management process more efficient for everyone.

Which Cerebro Solution is Right for My Organization?

As a multifaceted commercial loan management platform, Cerebro Capital provides solutions at every level of your organization, as well as for external stakeholders. Take a look below to see which aspect of our online business loan management platform is right for you.

Cerebro’s Credit Explorer is a commercial lending solution designed specifically for CFOs and CEOs looking to secure funding in a more efficient and productive manner. Credit Explorer is a borrower-lender matching platform that equips mid-market companies with the tools and experts needed to negotiate the best deal for their organization. Companies looking to secure $2 million or more in funding use Credit Explorer’s data-driven technology to connect with the right lenders in our diverse lender network. In addition, Cerebro’s expert transaction team facilitates negotiations from start to finish. Enjoy a focused negotiation process with term sheets typically delivered within 21 days.

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Reducing risks associated with corporate covenant compliance is a critical factor in avoiding loan defaults. Cerebro’s Compliance Navigator is commercial loan compliance and tracking at its simplest. User-friendly dashboards allow you to set alerts, track financial and non-financial covenants, and create automated compliance certificates and reports. Change the way your finance team cross-functionally communicates and tracks compliance with Compliance Navigator. 

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Third-party intermediaries and debt advisors use our Credit Explorer services to expand their teams bandwidth to get debt deals successfully placed. They use our Deal Compass tools for ongoing management of multiple transactions in one platform. Brokers and intermediaries benefit from an expanded Lender Network and automated tools to provide their clients with more comprehensive lender options. 

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Independent Sponsors are seeking a cost effective and efficient way to secure debt financing across a variety of deals. Typically, speed to closing is an important factor in choosing to work with Cerebro. We offer debt placement through both a full service engagement or through a  self-service engagement. Either way, our clients benefit from a network of 650+ bank and non-bank lenders. 

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As a member of our diverse Lender Network, relationship managers associated with banks and non-bank lenders gain access to pre-qualified deals that are relevant to their specific risk profile. Its free for lenders to create their confidential profile and deal filters. They will receive an email notification when deals match their criteria. Cerebro create proprietary deal flow that is free from fees or risks. 

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Many of the top banks still receive their loan compliance certificates via PDFs. They lack internal data aggregation systems for monitoring loan compliance across their portfolio. Cerebro’s two way portal allows borrowers to report compliance directly within a secure platform. Lenders can now run loan compliance and financial reports across their fund or portfolio.

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Are you a portfolio manager or associated with a private equity firm? You have first-hand knowledge of the unique challenges that come with managing credit profiles from multiple borrowers. Our Portfolio Navigator takes the key features of our Compliance Navigator and creates a single commercial loan management platform that allows you to aggregate financial statements, automate reports at all organizational levels, and track financial/non-financial covenant compliance.

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Cerebro’s online business loan management platform can be a critical resource for professional service firms looking to secure financing and manage existing credit agreements. It also equips your clients with state-of-the-art covenant compliance tracking. Cerebro Capital’s Credit Explorer, Compliance Navigator, and Portfolio Navigator allow you to enhance your firm’s value. Using automated reports, compliance tracking, intimate knowledge of lender profiles, and more, you can provide clients with enhanced knowledge through every step of the commercial loan process.

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