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The USDA Rural Development Business Programs provide working capital to help new and existing businesses thrive in rural areas.. Rural businesses and agricultural lenders can partner with the USDA to help support and revitalize the economic infrastructure of rural communities. Loans may be used only to support rural businesses, including agricultural producers, that operate in the Unites States of America. 


If you are a rural business owner or agricultural producer needing assistance, a USDA-backed loan guarantee may be an option to secure the working capital you need to stay in operation and move forward. 

What is a rural business?

Rural businesses reside in areas outside a city or town with a population of fewer than 50,000 people. The borrower’s headquarters may be based within a larger city as long as the project is located in an eligible rural area. Business eligibility can be determined by referencing USDA’s Rural Business Services Property Eligibility tool.

Why engage multiple banks?

Savvy business owners will run a competitive RFP process for their USDA RD loans in order to receive the best deal and have the highest probability of getting access. The USDA RD loan process will not be standardized and will resemble a standard credit request approval process which is unique to each bank. 

Loan Sizes

Banks may vary in their aggressiveness toward this new program and some might not offer the full loan amounts.

Interest Rates

Interest rates are negotiated between the lender and borrower which mean they can vary from bank to bank. Some might be variable while others offer fixed rates.

Additional Requests

Some banks may require new borrowers to switch their treasury business. And some may have more onerous diligence processes than others.


Some banks may prioritize customers with larger loan amounts and some banks might not participate at all. Knowing which banks to engage saves you time and effort.

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