Venture Debt Financing

Venture Debt Financing

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Venture debt loans: $1MM-$100MM+

Venture Debt Financing Options for Your Business

What is Venture Debt Financing?

Venture debt is a type of financing tailored for early-stage, high-growth companies backed by institutional investors. Both banks and non-banks offer venture debt options via term, bridge or asset based loans. These loans are usually a less expensive option than equity financing.

Why Businesses Choose Venture Debt Financing

A venture debt loan is a great option for businesses looking to fuel growth with capital, acquire another company, extend its cash runway, supplement equity funding with less dilutive capital, or bridge its next equity round. 

Typical Business Characteristics for Venture Debt Loans

  • 1+ years in business
  • Annual revenue of $1MM+
  • Cash runway of 12-18 months
  • Successfully raised seed or series A in the past
  • Positive cash flow or assets greater than $1MM
  • A current equity raise in the last 6 months or a new equity term sheet in hand

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