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Borrowers used to spend weeks calling the wrong lenders. Lenders frequently wasted time on opportunities that didn’t align with their target profile. Now the two can be matched using data driven algorithms and technology enabled services.

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Cerebro for Lenders

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Pre-qualified Lead Generation

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Monitoring Loan Portfolios

Many lenders are still relying on their borrowers to submit PDF copies of their loan compliance certificates. Then teams of portfolio managers have to manually enter that PDF information into a seperate system. Cerebro developed a two-way platform for borrowers to report loan compliance directly to their lenders – eliminating many manual processes. 

Loan compliance made simple.

Two-Way Portal

Borrowers have secure access to their online portal for reporting compliance. Data rolls up to portfolio views.


Instead of wasting time and money entering data, push much of the software costs to borrowers and receive automated reports.


Instantly report which borrowers have submitted compliance reports, which are failing covenants and which are overdue.


Cerebro can handle even the most complex credit agreements and financial covenant ratios ensuring the platform works across the portfolio.

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