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Source corporate loans, receive pre-qualified borrower leads and manage covenant compliance using the latest technology. Working with finance and technology experts, we’ve created a holistic corporate loan management solution designed to revolutionize the way borrowers, lenders, intermediaries and stakeholders manage corporate debt.


Cerebro Capital’s corporate loan management software was designed for all stakeholders in the corporate borrowing and lending ecosystem. We recognized a vital need to transform the time-intensive, laborious process of debt placement, lender-borrower pairing, and managing loan covenant compliance.

Corporate Loan Marketplace

Our debt placement software leverages data-driven algorithms, automated workflows and financing experts so neither side wastes time talking to the wrong people. Discover which Cerebro solutions are right for your role.

Data-driven matching algorithms & market intelligence

Secure data rooms & streamlined NDAs

Transactions experts & sophisticated support

Loan Compliance Software

Our corporate loan management software brings a world-class level of oversight to covenant compliance. Portfolio view provides visibility to other stakeholders including lenders, PE firms, and parent companies.

Two-way online portal for multiple stakeholder access

Dashboard views & portfolio reporting

Automated workflows & approval processes

About us

Cerebro Capital seeks to transform the way credit facilities are analyzed, managed, and sourced by offering comprehensive corporate loan management software and services. With world-class security and data-driven technology, Cerebro streamlines redundant processes and creates visibility for all debt stakeholders including finance teams, lenders and intermediaries. 

Backed by Sterling Partners, Cerebro launched in late 2017 and has grown rapidly to service clients across diverse industries. 

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Discover available financing options through a complimentary loan assessment & financing analysis. 

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