Corporate Borrowing Will Never Be The Same:
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Now you can analyze, manage, and source corporate loans using tools previously only available to public companies. With Cerebro’s online platform, know how much your business can borrow, when the market shifts, and if personal guarantees can be lifted, all while staying anonymous. Cerebro even takes the pain out of compliance reporting. 

What You Can Do

Benchmark Terms

Benchmark your loan pricing and terms to similar deals in the market and to similar borrowers.
Know in advance how much debt you can borrow based on your industry, operations, and financials. Time the market for refinancing by reviewing market trends customized to your credit profile.

Manage Compliance

Bring a world class level of oversight to your loan compliance by adding workflows and automation to your covenant calculations and reporting. Sync your legal document’s non-financial and financial covenants to avoid loan defaults. 


Explore Lenders

Bid out your existing credit facility or source a new commercial loan via our streamlined RFP process and remain anonymous. Access large network of major US banks, asset-based lenders, mezzanine funds, and other non-bank lenders. Save time by only interacting with lenders that can do your deal. 


Improve Corporate Financing


Term Loans
Letters of Credit
Lines of Credit

Financing Purposes

Working Capital
Office/Plant Expansion
Dividend Finance
Inventory Finance
Technology Upgrades


Senior Secured
Second Lien Loans
Mezzanine Financing
Senior Stretch
Asset Based

Who We Help


Already have a lender?

See how our platform helps you maximize your existing relationship, get better terms, and understand the credit markets.

Need a new lender?

See how our platform connects you to top US banks and non-bank lenders in a streamlined process that reduces redundancies.

Frequently Asked Questions

10 minutes.
By dragging and dropping your financial information and indicating your desired loan criteria, our system will run an algorithm to anonymously match you with viable lenders. Only lenders whose underwriting criteria aligns with your needs will be matched to you, saving you time and energy.

Maybe. Maybe not.
Drag and drop your financial information and instantly benchmark your rates and terms to the market. Understand where your deal falls in the market so you can command better terms with your current lender. Or discover that it is time to find a new lender.

Banks are not created equal. Even the top US banks have seasons and cycles within their departments that can result in different rates and terms for their borrowers. And non-bank lenders can offer even more diverse options since they are not regulated in the same way.

A technical loan default is when a borrower fails to meet a specific component of their loan compliance such as failure to comply with a non-financial covenant or a failure to deliver reports and financials on time. Borrowers who manage their compliance using Excel and their calendar are unnecessarily jeopardizing their companies because spreadsheets are often limited to tracking financial covenants only.

Between confusing loan agreements, employee turn over, and lack of internal controls, most borrowers fail to track all the detailed non-financial covenants within their loan agreements. The best practice is to implement a system that tracks both non-financial and financial covenants and a system that creates multi-person approvals and workflows. 

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