Consumer Goods Refinancing

Positioning for Long-Term Growth by Refinancing

A booming consumer packaged goods company secures a refinancing package

A mission-forward consumer packaged goods beverage company with over $80M revenue was seeking to refinance equipment and real estate loans prior to existing loan maturities to better position their business for long-term growth. Having recently worked with Cerebro on a growth capital request, they returned to the platform to source additional loan solutions for their business. 


Given the pandemic-driven economic conditions in 2020, many banks were shying away from offering credit for consumer retail businesses. Even with the backing of a prominent PE firm, the finance director was unable to get competitive rates and terms from their existing lender.

The finance director opened up a loan search request on Cerebro’s platform to find lenders that would be willing to compete for their business and become a long-term growth partner.

Cerebro’s lender search focused on finding the client the right lender fit for their business model, existing debt structure and growth plans. One of the major benefits Cerebro offered was the ability to access multiple pools of lenders and types of loan programs simultaneously through a competitive RFP process. Cerebro’s search pool included dozens of lenders from national and regional bank lenders, as well as non-bank mezzanine lenders.


Bolstered by data assessed in Cerebro’s lending platform, our capital markets team helped the borrower leverage their sponsor-backing and growth narrative to garner more lender interest. Additionally, the team helped lenders understand the complexities of refinancing four separate credit facilities. While working through the different lender options, Cerebro was able to identify attractive structuring options and delivered multiple term sheets to the client for consideration. 


The borrower ultimately selected an aggressive regional bank lender that was excited to work with a growth-oriented company. The Cerebro process ultimately resulted in a winning term sheet that included 25 years of amortization at an interest rate of 3.5%


While the company knew they were poised for growth, they were elated to successfully close the loan in the middle of an unprecedented credit cycle caused by the coronavirus. Ultimately, this single refinancing was a game-changer for the company, thanks to the ability to borrow cheaply and to secure a new banking relationship that is poised for a long-term partnership. 

Winning Term Sheet

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