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Target mezzanine lenders faster with a single RFP. 

Mezzanine financing and junior debt of $2MM or more available for refinancing, working capital, growth capital, acquisitions and more

Before you engage with mezzanine lenders, talk to the experts

Cerebro offers a no cost, no obligation consultation where our mezzanine financing experts can discuss possible deal structures, terms, cost of capital and more that you can expect based on your company profile. Cerebro works with over 1500 lenders including mezzanine funds, SBICs, asset-based lenders, venture debt lenders and commercial banks. Our team won’t try to fit a square peg in a round hole. We will look at your financing request and available options, then find the best fit for your needs.

Don't assume all mezzanine funds are the same

Rates and terms across mezzanine lenders can vary more than you think. Our platform works with junior debt lenders of varying sizes and types so we can systematically scan the market and leverage competitive pressure to ensure you get the best deal in the market. 

Rely on data, not a stack of business cards

Traditional debt placement firms and loan brokers spend years developing close contacts at a small number of mezzanine lenders. Cerebro has close relationships with 1500+ direct lenders. 

But lender appetites, leverage ratios and interest rates are changing constantly. A lender who might have been aggressive last year, might become more conservative this quarter. Cerebro uses data from three sources to ensure our borrowers are getting the best deal:

  • API data from the Federal Reserve on 80+ banks
  • 1500+ lender risks profiles and investment criteria
  • Deal information and term sheets from over $5.1 billion in loans

Why Cerebro Capital?

A competitive bid process and streamlined technology all result in you getting a side by side comparison of various offers. You pick the best term sheet and have confidence that you scanned a large network of diverse lenders. Cerebro will work to save you time and energy while ensuring you get the deal done. 

If you need asset-based financing, senior lenders, or other corporate loans, we can help with that too!