Financial Modeling Dos & Dont’s

Financial Modeling Dos & Don'ts

Read this guide before engaging with lenders for your debt financing or credit facility needs. Learn best practices from a former corporate banker on what lenders want to see. 

Building a proper financial model now will ensure you find the right lending partner and receive the best terms for your credit needs.

In this guide you will learn:

  • Which way your financial model should lean
  • How many financial periods you need to show
  • What happens if you get your model wrong
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Prepare your model to impress lenders.

Profile Picture of Cerebro Capital, CEO and Founder, Matthew Bjonerud

Author Spotlight

Matt spent close to 10 years of his career in corporate banking at a top 10 US bank. After working on billions of dollars in transactions, he saw firsthand how a borrower’s financial model impacted the bank’s ability to offer competitive rates and structures. 

Matthew Bjonerud

Founder & CEO, Cerebro Capital