Compliance Navigator Features

Manage Loan Compliance With the Latest Technology

Drag and Drop Loan Agreement

Cerebro's team will digitize the full loan agreement to ensure all the non-financial, financial and other triggers are easily tracked.

Receive email Alerts & reminders

Never miss another reporting deadline or non-financial trigger. Receive email alerts 15 and 30 days before a report is due to your lender.

Calculate Financial Covenants instantly

Review cushion analysis on forecasts. Easily account for add backs and adjustments to EBITDA in your calculations.

create Covenant reports in one-click

Duplicate your lender's required compliance certificate in your account. Review historical reports and approval audits.

40% of middle market companies violated a loan agreement and didn't know it.*

*Based on study of first time Cerebro Compliance Navigator users. 

What are you missing in your loan agreement?

Financial executives rarely have time to re-read their lengthy loan agreements. There are so many things that could be hiding in your fine print. Cerebro’s Compliance Navigator helps you track them all. 

Financial Covenants

  • Automate ratio calculations
  • Account for add backs and other EBITDA adjustments
  • Run cushion analysis on forecasted years
  • Drag & drop updated Excel or CSV files

Non-financial Covenants

  • Receive reminders to review covenants
  • Easily update status of each covenant
  • Track document location for further review
  • Invite other stakeholders

Reporting triggers

  • Monitor any covenants requiring immediate notifications
  • Intuitive heatmap overview
  • Clearly track due dates and reporting deadlines


How long does it take to digitize my loan agreement?

It takes 5 minutes to create an account and drag & drop your agreement. Cerebro’s expert team will then take 24-48 hours to digitize all the covenants. 

Can I track MULTIPLE loans?

Cerebro’s Compliance Navigator can easily handle multiple loans with different covenant packages. Manage each loan individually or see all your loans on one dashboard. 

Who sees my loan information?

Your loan covenants and covenant reports are securely managed within your private account. You can grant access rights to various stakeholders like your counsel or accountants. You can generate one click reports and send it to your lender only when you are ready. 

How do I update the financial ratios?

You can easily drag & drop your updated financial statements in a matter of minutes. Your updated financials will flow through and instantly calculate your covenants. 

How am I notified when a report is due?

You can activate email alerts and reminders 15 and 30 days before a report is due to your lender. 

Can my attorney review it?

Yes. Your stakeholders can receive view only, edit or approval rights on any of your compliance reports. 

Discover the latest technology for managing loan compliance. 

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