Working Capital Loans

Working Capital Loans

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Are you seeking a working capital loan of $1M or more? Receive the best working capital financing deal for your company with Cerebro Capital’s data-driven approach and capital markets expertise.

Cerebro’s data-driven approach partnered with a diverse lender network allows your working capital request to be seen by lenders who fit your profile.

Our lender network includes national, regional and community banks, as well as non-bank lenders providing you with more working capital options. 

If your company needs $1M or more in working capital, let Cerebro help you find competitive terms. 

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*Turnaround time varies based on loan criteria

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By the numbers

50 +
$ 0.1 B
Managed Loan Facilities
Days to Term Sheets*

*turnaround time varies based on loan criteria

Analyze and source loans in one platform

Common loan application

Complete one universal loan application to eliminate answering the same questions over and over again.​

Diverse network of lenders

Instantly match with large network of lenders including banks, non-banks and mezzanine lenders. ​

Secure data room

Interact directly with your approved lenders in a secure data room to eliminate multiple emails and calls. ​

Deal Experts

Team of lending experts works to tell your story and facilitate lender interactions ​

Term Sheet Comparison

Competitive bid process and streamlined technology all result in you getting a side by side comparison of various offers. You pick the best one and have confidence that you scanned a large network of diverse lenders. ​


Pays for itself

Cost-effective engagement

Cerebro team is incentivized to find you the best deal.

Current lender excluded from RFP

No risk in comparing other options in the market.

Lender feedback

Regardless of the outcome, you will receive insights and feedback.

Discover a new way to source working capital.