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Image: Cerebro CEO/Founder Matt Bjonerud

Matthew Bjonerud

Founder & CEO

Financial Markets Update

The current commercial lending environment is changing quickly. Here’s what you need know if you are raising working capital for your business.

Our capital markets experts have analyzed data from over 2,200 lending institutions in our commercial lending marketplace:
  • Large commercial banks have started to tighten credit standards which is pushing even more businesses to switch lending relationships and explore alternative lending options.
  • Asset-based loans, such as inventory, equipment, and receivables financing are an a option more businesses are exploring as an alternative to commercial cash-flow loans.
  • Non-bank lenders have started receiving an increase in loan requests, particularly in asset-based loan options. We expect this increase to continue and grow.
  • We are likely entering a shift in the lending market similar to what happened after the 2008 crisis. While PPP loans and government-backed loan programs likely delayed banks from over-reacting during the height of the pandemic, recent economic impacts and rising interest rates mean that every mid-sized company should be diligent in exploring all their credit options.

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