Ten Things To Do Before Refinancing Commercial Loan


Top 10 Things to Do

Before Refinancing or Sourcing New Loans

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Lenders will be biased against corporate borrowers who appear disorganized and unprepared in their credit request process. This includes even your incumbent bank when considering refinancing or additional financing options. Taking time to compile necessary documents and proper materials before talking to lenders will increase the chances of you receiving a good term sheet and eventually getting to closing. Lenders are more likely to respond quickly and bid aggressively if your information is compiled in such a way to make it easy for them to go to credit committee.  Read the top ten things to consider before starting your RFP process. 

The white paper includes a checklist for next steps and specific materials to prepare before going to market on your credit request.


Learn what materials lenders need to perform due diligence

Checklist: Items to Prepare Before Talking to Lenders


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