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Private equity firms, family offices and independent sponsors rely on debt capital to supplement their acquisitions and grow their portfolio companies. The pricing, structure, collateral requirements, and other commercial loan terms can be the difference between growth or stagnation. However, the middle market loan industry is opaque. Before Cerebro, there was no platform to provide benchmarking of debt terms and visibility into lender appetites. PE firms have survived on relationship lenders providing feedback and insights on deals. But the process of evaluating those lender appetites, comparing options side by side and sourcing new lender relationships is far too time consuming to keep up with rapid deal execution timelines.

PE Firms & Independent Sponsor Benefits

Cerebro designed a platform allowing PE firms to better anticipate viable deal terms and ensure they receive the most optimal deal terms in the capital markets.

Predict Loan RFP Success

Anticipate deal viability, structuring, borrowing capacity & lender options prior to launching deal or signing LOI.

Time the Loan Market

Based on loan market data and company performance, estimate the best quarter to receive optimal loan terms and interest rates.

Increased Negotiating Leverage

Keep your lenders honest by comparing broad network of options & leveraging the power of a data-driven matching algorithms.

Expedite Loan Closings

Rely on automated lender workflows and tracking to determine when lenders are going to credit committee, who has posted Q&A and what diligence items remain.

Lender Behavior with Cerebro

Statistically, lenders are more responsive, creative, and competitive when bidding on deals through the Cerebro platform. This is because Cerebro represents a significant source of high quality deal flow. Lenders know that deals they receive have already been cross-matched to their underwriting profile which decreases the amount of time spent finding deals. Lenders who bid aggressively and respond quicker are rewarded with more deal flow. Cerebro’s lead source is a very valuable motivator for lenders because each financing request is fit to lenders’ specific underwriting criteria and policies.

Timely Responses

Automated status updates and email sequences hold lenders accountable to timely milestones

More Aggressive Terms

Lenders are incentivized to bid more competitively and responded faster in order to match with more deals.

Cerebro for PE Firms

Why use Cerebro?

Data-Driven Matching Algorithms

Proprietary Debt Placement Software

Expansive Lender Network

A+ Security & Privacy

What debt structures are available for your deal?

Before formally engaging with lenders, receive a loan market analysis and deal viability report based on the specific company profile and deal metrics. With loan market data across both bank and non-bank lenders, you can learn: 

What are your CFOs missing in their loan agreements?

Loan agreements can be hundreds of pages long. And once the loan is in place, there can be turn over in the finance department making it easy to miss all the requirements buried in the fine print. Tech savvy PE firms implement systems to ensure their portcos never accidentally trip a loan covenant or miss a reporting deadline.