PPP Loan Application Resources


The Paycheck Protection Program Loan Resources Guide

FAQs, Diligence Checklist, Loan Estimate Worksheet, and SBA's Loan Application

PPP Loan Resources Guide

With the new CARES Act passing congress on March 27th, 2020, small businesses across the US are now eligible to receive a loan based on 2.5x their monthly payroll. Since the loan is backed by the federal government and includes a loan forgiveness program, SBA lenders across the country are expecting an unprecedented volume of applications. 

While the SBA has released basic requirements for the application process, banks and individual lenders still have the right to requirement more than the bare minimum in order to process loans. And it should be noted that some SBA lenders have signaled that the demand for the PPP loans will be so high, they may only service existing clients. 

Download the resource guide to better prepare your application for approval. The more accurate and complete your application can be, the higher the likelihood lenders will be able to process quickly. 


CARES Act Decision Tree & PPP LOan FAQs

PPP LOan Diligence List

SBA Loan Application

PPP Loan Calculator (Excel Worksheet)

How Can Cerebro Help?

For companies who have over $2MM in existing credit facilities or loans, Cerebro can assist with packaging your PPP loans and sending them to your incumbent bank or to one of our pre-qualified lenders. Learn more about how Cerebro can help you get the SBA funding you need quickly. 


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