Rise of Non-Bank Lending


The Rise of Non-Bank Lending For Middle Market Companies.

The Pros & Cons Every CFO Should Know.

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Non-bank lenders have increased significantly in the last twenty years both in volume and in amount of capital available for them to deploy. As commercial banks have tightened their credit procedures, more and more middle market companies are finding that non-bank lenders offer greater flexibility and expansive loan structuring options. Non-bank lenders include mezzanine funds, venture debt lenders, SBICs, family offices, and other private debt funds. Read more in the white paper about the differences and what to consider when evaluating loan options across the market.

The white paper includes a checklist for determining if a non-bank might be a good fit for your loan requests. 

Table of Contents

Common Loan Terms & Structures 

Advantages & Disadvantages

Loan Negotiating Points 

Checklist: Is a Non-Bank Right for your Company?


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