Managing Multiple Credit Agreements

Managing Multiple Credit Agreements

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Loan compliance simplified.

Avoid the risk of covenant defaults.
When companies have multiple credit agreements, with hundreds of pages of legalese, they need an easier way to manage their compliance.

What's in the guidebook?

Image of cover of Managing Multiple Credit Agreements guidebook

Common challenges companies face when working with multiple creditors

Best practices on calculating & reporting financial ratios

Best practices on tracking & monitoring non-financial covenants

Compliance checklist for multiple loan agreements

How does Cerebro help?

Easy setup - Drag & Drop LOan Docs

Cerebro's team will digitize the full loan agreement to ensure all the non-financial, financial and other triggers are easily tracked.

Receive email Alerts & reminders

Never miss another reporting deadline or non-financial trigger. Receive email alerts 15 and 30 days before a report is due to your lender.

Calculate Financial Covenants instantly

Review cushion analysis on forecasts. Easily account for EBITDA add-backs and adjustments in your calculations.

create Covenant reports in one-click

Duplicate your lender's required compliance certificate in your account. Review historical reports and approval audits.

40% of middle market borrowers tripped a loan covenant & didn't even know it.*

*Based on study of new users onboarded to Cerebro’s Compliance Navigator platform.