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Loan Compliance Management Software

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Loan compliance automation

for calculating financial covenants, generating compliance certificates and receiving alerts.

Loan tracking & monitoring

non-financial covenants, reporting deadlines and covenant triggers buried in the fine print.

Reducing risk of loan default

with systematic processes and easy to use software.


Cerebro’s covenant compliance platform digitizes a full loan agreement onto an indexed and searchable platform. Multiple stakeholders including finance teams, lenders, and portfolio managers all benefit from a single repository with user permissions and world class security. 

Non-Financial Covenant Tracking

Easily track non-financial covenants through clear interactive dashboards. Easily assign loan covenant tasks to internal stakeholders and track event driven loan covenants and notifications automatically.

Financial Covenant ANALYSIS

Compute financial ratios and limits per the terms of the agreement to assist with financial analysis and risk management.

Covenant Calendar & reminders

Customize your calendar views and email alerts to ensure all reviewers and SMEs are reporting compliance on time.


Streamline the creation of compliance certificates and workflow approvals. Send compliance certificates and email alerts to internal and external stakeholders.

Reducing the risk of loan default

Over 40% of middle market companies violated a loan agreement and didn’t know it.* If you are still using Excel spreadsheets and calendar reminders, you may be at risk of a loan default too. Smart CFOs rely on a comprehensive loan management software platform like Compliance Navigator.
Compliance graph showing percentage of companies that miss a reporting deadling or break a convenant

*Based on study of first time Cerebro Compliance Navigator users. 

Intuitive & easy-to-use software

All-Inclusive Platform

Cerebro’s Credit Explorer and Compliance Navigator work in tandem to address two key components of the commercial loan process: sourcing corporate loans and ensuring loan covenant compliance. Cerebro created an all-inclusive solution that supports companies through every step of the commercial loan process—from matching borrowers and lenders to ensuring covenant compliance long after the term sheets are signed. 

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