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Borrowers used to spend weeks calling the wrong lenders. Lenders frequently wasted time on opportunities that didn’t align with their target profile. Now the two can be matched using data driven algorithms and technology enabled services. Move beyond a few local lenders and discover financing options you never knew were possible.

What types of borrowers use Cerebro?

Cerebro partners with borrowers from mid-sized organizations that have annual revenues of $5 million to approximately $5 billion. Borrowers are seeking acquisition financing, working capital, growth capital, equipment leasing, refinancing and more. However, Cerebro’s matching algorithms are not yet designed for investment real estate or project finance. 

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Almost all Cerebro users have pre-existing lender relationships. Our process easily incorporates those lenders to maximize leverage or excludes those lenders depending on circumstances. The borrower always has full control over which lenders are engaged. 

Banks and non-bank lenders across the middle market complete detailed profiles including information on their underwriting criteria. Cerebro’s algorithm cross-references a borrower’s company profile and finance request to the lender’s profile. Borrowers explicitly approve or veto matched lenders prior to deal launch. 

Typical loan sizes range from $2MM on the low end to over $100MM on the high end. 

No. It’s free for lenders to complete a lender profile and receive matched deal opportunities. This ensures Cerebro is not biased in which lenders are matched to borrowers. 

Yes. Currently our algorithms are not yet designed for investment real estate or project finance. Most other industries are serviced on the network. 

No. Startups are better candidates for venture capital and equity investors. Companies are not ready to raise debt capital until they have at least 3 years of historical performance — or the acquisition target has at least 3 years of history. Since Cerebro only has debt providers on it’s network, we only work with established businesses.

No. Cerebro’s Lender Network only lists debt providers. However, some non-bank debt providers such as mezzanine funds will seek warrants or equity sweeteners. These will a small portion of the loan structure. 

Cerebro can help launch your deal to market in a matter of days. On average, our clients receive term sheets within 21 days. Closing timelines will vary greatly from 20-90 days depending on the type of lender and nature of the deal. 

No two lenders are the same

The type of financing borrowers source and the terms they seek vary from lender to lender. Borrowers have preferences on cost of capital, industry expertise, and structure. The Cerebro middle market Lender Network works with banks and non-bank lenders of varying sizes, providing a pre-qualified lead generation platform. Cerebro only matches borrowers that fall within each lender’s industry specialties, EBITDA ranges, check sizes and various other investment criteria. No one wastes time talking to the wrong people.

Complimentary Financing Analysis

Based on your company profile discover how much borrower capacity you have, why type of debt structures are likely and expected cost of capital.

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