Middle Market Lender Network

Corporate borrowers access a large lender network of banks and non-bank lenders. Move beyond a few local lenders and discover financing options you never knew were possible.

Matching platform designed for lenders & borrowers

Borrowers used to spend weeks calling the wrong lenders. Lenders frequently wasted time on opportunities that didn’t align with their target profile. Now the two can be matched using data driven algorithms and technology enabled services.

  • National Commercial Banks
  • Community Banks
  • Venture Debt Lenders
  • Mezzanine Funds
  • SBICs & BDCs
  • Family Offices
  • Other Non-Bank Lenders

500+ Middle Market Lenders

Borrowers, debt advisors and intermediaries can access hundreds of middle market lenders with Cerebro Credit Explorer and Deal Compass. By using a data-driven approach across a broad category of lenders, borrowers never worry that they missed finding the best lending partner.

Cerebro for Lenders

Why join the Lender Network?

Pre-qualified Lead Generation

Set parameters for your deal criteria based on borrower's ideal financial metrics, preferred industries, EBITDA requirements, etc.

Receive Deal Alerts to Your Inbox

Don't waste time searching for the wrong deals. When you receive a Cerebro email invitation, you can easily review key information and quickly accept to access a populated data room.

No Referral Fees or Obligation for Lenders

We don't take a referral fee or require members of our middle market lenders network to pay a % of the loan commitment. Lenders control their deal criteria and can stop using their profile at anytime.

What types of borrowers use Cerebro?

Cerebro partners with borrowers from mid-sized organizations that have annual revenues of $5 million to approximately $5 billion. Borrowers are seeking acquisition financing, working capital, growth capital, equipment leasing, refinancing and more. However, Cerebro’s matching algorithms are not yet designed for investment real estate or project finance. 

Each borrower working with Cerebro’s Credit Explorer partners with our expert transactions team. Our Deal Compass solution will match borrowers who are using an intermediary or an advisor. As a member of Cerebro’s Middle Market Lender Network, lenders enjoy negotiating with the right borrowers instead of receiving aimless, unqualified financing requests. You’ll also work with experienced professionals who will help facilitate the conversation and ensure the deals move to close. 

No two lenders are the same

The type of financing borrowers source and the terms they seek vary from lender to lender. Borrowers have preferences on cost of capital, industry expertise, and structure. The Cerebro middle market Lender Network works with banks and non-bank lenders of varying sizes, providing a pre-qualified lead generation platform that’s free from obligations and fees. Cerebro only matches borrowers that fall within each lender’s industry specialties, EBITDA ranges, check sizes and various other investment criteria. No one wastes time talking to the wrong people.

Are you a lender looking to join our network?

After filling out this form, we will email you to begin our lender onboarding. Complete a profile in 10 minutes and join our middle market Lender Network for free. Then sit back and wait to receiving qualified corporate financing opportunities.

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