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Access a large lender network of banks and non-bank lenders. Move beyond a few local lenders and discover financing options you never knew were possible.


Matching platform designed for lenders & borrowers

Borrowers used to spend weeks calling the wrong lenders. Lenders frequently wasted time on opportunities that didn’t align with their target profile. Now the two can be matched using data driven algorithms and technology enabled services.

Cerebro for Lenders

How do lenders benefit?

Complete a profile in 15 minutes

Filter your profile to with your ideal metrics, industries, etc.

Only match with aligned borrowers

Don't waste time with the wrong deals.

No cost or obligation for lenders

We don't take a fee or cut from lenders. There is no agreement or obligation. Stop using your profile at anytime.

Borrowers can access 300+ lenders on one platform

Commercial Banks

Mezzanine Funds


Venture Debt Lenders

Asset-Based Lenders

Other Non-bank Lenders

Save time finding the right lending partner

Know before launching an RFP if your deal is viable

Systematically scan the entire market of bank & non-bank lenders

No two lenders are the same

Rates and terms across types of lenders can vary more than borrowers think. Our platform works with bank and non-bank lenders of varying sizes and types to ensure borrowers don't miss out on the best deal. Lenders specialize in different industries, EBITDA ranges and check sizes. Cerebro only matches lenders to deals that fall within their profile. No one wastes time talking to the wrong people.

"We thought all banks were going to offer us the same type of deal. But after using Cerebro's credit search process, we found a big difference in offerings, even between name brand banks"

CFO of Private Company

Are you a lender looking to join our network?

Start receiving deals and opportunities that fall within your risk profile. Complete a profile in 15 minutes and start receiving qualified opportunities. 

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