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Investment Banks & Loan Brokers

Debt Placement Platform

Deal Management Technology

Deal Compass is a platform designed for investment banks, M&A advisors, loan brokers and debt advisors. The platform leverages automated deal management software tools & lender data at every stage of debt placement: Deal Preparation, Transaction Launch, and Negotiation & Close

Reduce repetitive processes, redundant conversations, and flooded inboxes. Complex financial transactions require a large lender network, systematic workflows, and visibility for all stakeholders.

Deal Preparation

Manage Your Lender Contacts

Upload your lender contacts via simple import process. Mange your relationships and which deals lenders are invited to.

Estimate Debt Capacity

Input the borrower's financial metrics and determine the debt capacity based on cash flows, assets, or enterprise value. The analysis is derived from underwriting criteria from over 650 bank and non-bank lenders

Determine Market Terms

Input the parameters for a proposed financing to see which elements of the deal structure (loan amount, collateral, term, pricing, etc) align with Cerebro's 650+ lenders' risk profiles.

Transaction Launch

Automate Teasers

Send automatic email teasers to target capital providers. Seamlessly track responses, response times, and interest level.

Expanded Lender Network

Access Cerebro's proprietary network of over 650 lenders. The network spans across commercial banks, mezzanine funds, BDCs, finance companies, asset-based lenders, and other non-bank lenders.

Streamline NDAs

Upload custom NDAs or save time with Cerebro's NDA process. Lenders' familiarity with Cerebro's balanced NDAs eliminates the need for negotiations.

Negotiation & Close

Track Lender Status

Track key milestones for transactions, generate update reports for clients, and clearly see the next step for each active party.

Organize Diligence Processes

Lenders submit Q&A and diligence requests through the data room creating automatic task lists and a Q&A listing.

Manage Term Sheet Uploads

Easily store and review term sheets and term sheet updates.

650+ Lender Network Expands Your Reach

As every debt advisor understands, the story needs to be told to the right lenders without over-shopping the deal. Cerebro’s Lender Network brings over 650 qualified direct lenders to your table. But rather than utilizing a broad “spray and pray” method, Cerebro combines data-driven algorithms to match the right lenders to your deal. Check sizes range from $1MM-$100MM for non-investment real estate related transactions.

Large Commercial Banks

Regional & Community Banks

Mezzanine Funds


Family Offices

Venture DEbt Lenders

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“Chasing down lenders, fielding questions, compiling diligence requests and figuring out which lenders were still interested in the deal used to take up the majority of my time. Now Deal Compass allows me to focus on the financing structure that works best for my client. Deal Compass allows my small team to run more deals without needing to expand.”

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Learn more about how data-driven software and a lender network can help you successfully place debt deals without wasting time or effort.

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