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Whether you are originating credit facilities or already have a loan, Cerebro gives financial executives powerful tools to save time and mitigate risk. 

All in one borrowing platform

Easy File Uploads

Drag & drop files for
quick onboarding

Secure Data Rooms

Participant tracking & two-way communication

Actionable Analytics

Calculate debt capacity &
benchmark rates

Large Lender Network

Access to diverse loan products & lenders

Receive free credit & financing analysis

  1. Upload company information
  2. Match your profile against a large lender network
  3. Benchmark current rates & terms to market
  4. Receive commentary on potential new lenders & estimated timeline

Automate your loan compliance and receive market alerts when covenants can be removed.

Loan compliance should mean more than an Excel Spreadsheet.

When your performance improves, your loan terms should too. 

4 Mistakes CFOs Make When Refinancing

  1. Avoiding a competitive process in hopes of saving time
  2. Failing to consider the benefits of non-bank lenders
  3. Believing that all commercial banks provide similar terms
  4. Negotiating with lenders without understanding their underwriting criteria

Corporate Borrowing Made Easy

For Profit


Schedule a 30 min demo of Cerebro's borrowing platform.

Learn how Cerebro’s all in one borrowing platform helps middle market companies source and manage their credit facilities. 

Quick finance statement upload

Drag and Drop Information

Banking expert assistance

Industry Experts

Customer support

On-Going Support

Quick & Easy

Setup an account in 10 minutes. Access our industry experts and on-going customer support for a user friendly experience that saves you time and worry.

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