Corporate Loan Borrowing Platform

Designed by former bankers, Cerebro’s tools equip financial teams with the software they need to source capital, place debt and manage loan compliance. 

Transforming Commercial LOan placement & management

Cerebro’s suite of debt software tools are designed for mid-sized companies, intermediaries and middle market lenders. We hope to bridge the gap and allow all sides of the table to work more efficiently and transparently.

Corporate Loan Tools



Credit Explorer

Corporate borrowers benefit from data-driven algorithms & transaction experts to find the best lender with the best terms for their credit facilities.

Deal Compass

Intermediaries and advisors can run multiple debt placement deals through one platform. Utilizing their own lender contacts and access Cerebro's 800+ lender network, they can increase the chance of successful closing. 

Lender Network

Bank and non-bank lenders are listed for free on the network. When borrowers profiles align with the risk criteria of the lenders, they receive a notification and are invited into a fully populated data room to quickly access deal viability.

Compliance Navigator

Corporate finance teams benefit from digital dashboard tracking covenants & loan compliance deadlines as well as automating compliance certificates. 

Portfolio Navigator

PE firms, lenders & parent companies can manage loan covenants & financial reporting across multiple entities. Review metrics across a portfolio of loans. 

Privacy & Security

Actionable Analytics

Expertise & Training

More than software

Cerebro Capital’s corporate borrowing platform is an innovative, proprietary technology that’s causing corporate borrowers and lenders to rethink the way they source and manage corporate loans. We have received high reviews from third-party security auditors. We build dashboards and new tools from client feedback. And we lean on industry experts to provide world class training and support. 

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