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Financing Services Aligned with Your Success

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  • Dedicated Capital Markets experts
  • Multiple loan requests, including acquisition targets, each year
  • Monitor loan rates & options specific to you
  • Refinancing support

A Perfect Match for Your On-going Capital Raise Efforts

Know Your Loan Options

With our “go-to-market” strategy, quickly know what financing options are available to you from 2200+ top lenders

Pick the Right Timing

Recognize the right time to finance and refinance based on real-time market data and proven tech

Save Time & Resources

Save valuable time and internal resources by letting our expert Capital Markets team do all the heavy lifting

Team of Experts

Lender Network


Financing Services Aligned with Your Success

Cerebro’s non-exclusive engagement is perfect for businesses that are anticipating multiple financing events, seeking a new loan that they plan to refinance, or targeting multiple acquisitions. 

Understand the Loan Options Available

Partner with our Capital Markets team to quickly determine your business’ debt capacity. Our experts will help you discover the viability, estimated loan terms, and lender pool sizing available for your loan request.

Assess Multiple Target Companies for Acquisition Financing

By assessing the potential strength and weaknesses of acquisition targets (even before a Letter of Intent is signed), our experts will help you be better positioned for negotiations with the seller. You’ll gain insights into what financing structures will work and the lender appetite for your deal.

Ensure the Best Options for Your Debt Capital Raise

Our experts can get your loan request in front of 2200+ top bank and non-bank lenders in our network. Compare multiple loan options and collect term sheets all-in-one-place, so you can ensure your getting the best financing options. 

Save Time and Internal Resources

Let our team of Capital Markets experts do all the heavy lifting. Submit your loan request to begin the process of matching to your best lenders, engaging multiple lenders in tandem, and compare loan options available in the market.

Know The Right Time to Finance & Refinance

Know exactly when to finance based on real-time market data from our lender network. This allows you to report data internally that you can’t get anywhere else. Our experts use groundbreaking tech to monitor the market for early refinance windows and benchmark terms based on similar transactions throughout the year. 

Negotiation Support

Even if you’re working with other lenders, gain leverage to negotiate better refinancing terms by going to market with Cerebro. Data from our lender marketplace allows you to correctly compare multiple term sheets, gain actionable lender feedback, warm backup lenders, and access substantial ROI from improved terms.

Ongoing Credit Analysis

We’ll provide an ongoing credit analysis of how lenders would react to your recent company performance and its impact on loan options.

Value-Added Features for Better Options

Powered by proven technology, a top lender network, and direct access to your expert Capital Markets team. 

Your "On-Call" Capital Markets Team

As your long-term partners, we'll continuously help you secure the best options, rates & terms.

Subsequent Refinancing

Refinance your funded loans under our engagement at no additional success fee up to the original loan amount.

Multiple Debt Financings Each Year

Easily launch multiple debt financings per year under our engagement.

Data-Driven Market Monitoring

Our team of Capital Markets experts will consistently keep tabs on the market & benchmark better terms.

Why Cerebro?

Find your perfect matches from over 2,200 top lenders.

Let Cerebro match you to the right sources for your unique financing needs.


  • National Commercial Banks
  • Regional & Community Banks
  • Asset-Based Lenders
  • Non-Bank Lenders
  • Mezzanine Funds
  • Factors & PO Lenders
  • SBICs & BDCs
  • Equipment Finance Lenders
  • Family Offices
  • Private Debt Funds
  • Venture Debt

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