Raising Capital: A CEO's Playbook for Success

Image: Cerebro CEO/Founder Matt Bjonerud

Matthew Bjonerud

Founder & CEO

Frequently, business decision-makers find themselves responsible for managing capital raise initiatives for their company. These leaders often face challenges when it comes to:


  • determining the best lending type for their request
  • finding optimal loan rates & terms
  • building beneficial lender relationships
  • securing funding quickly.

These challenges can be extremely frustrating and time consuming, especially when their business is in dire need of funding. 

The Scenario

Let’s imagine you are a CEO running a mid-sized business. You understand that securing financing is crucial to your company’s growth and overall financial health. However, you unfortunately lack the necessary time it takes to draft a strong company narrative, contact various lenders, access multiple term sheets, and compare loan options. 

Your internal resources are spread thin. Your lender knowledge and business financing expertise falls short from where you would like it to be. Without the proper expertise, it is unlikely that you will obtain your ideal loan options and perfect lender matches. You realize it is imperative to ensure you are receiving the best rates and terms in the mid-market. 


You think to yourself, “I can do my mortgage, my taxes, and my banking online, why can’t I compare and secure my best business financing options online? There has to be a better way.”

The Solution

This is the exact problem Cerebro’s Founder and CEO, Matthew Bjonerud, noticed in the mid-market lending space when he created Cerebro. 

By working with us, you will be able to take advantage of a powerful solution: 

  • Cerebro Capital’s team of Capital Markets experts
  • proven technology
  • valuable lender feedback
  • refinancing support
  • real-time market data

Our solution will save you valuable time and  resources by giving you direct access to a fractional Capital Markets team that can get your loan request in front of 2,200+ top bank and non-bank lenders in our network . 

If you are seeking business financing, Cerebro can help. Our customers include business leaders such as CEOs, CFOs, founders, and owners. These leaders come to Cerebro Capital because they are searching for a better way to raise capital. 


With direct access to our experts as your “on-call” Capital Markets team, we will partner with you to run multiple debt financings each year and monitor the market for improved rates & terms specific to your unique business financing criteria.

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