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What is a Capital Markets Team?

An internal Capital Markets team is made up of financial industry specialists within a business. Leveraging their expertise, these Capital Markets experts analyze financial market trends to assist in capital raise efforts. By examining current market dynamics and doing a meticulous review of the company’s financials, the team is able to help the business determine lending options tailored to the specific needs of the business.

Secure Funding with Capital Markets Support

Raising capital with assistance from Capital Markets professionals provides many advantages for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whether you have business financing experience or not, having access to experts will ensure the best lending rates and terms are presented based on your business’ unique financing needs. Working with a Capital Markets team allows you to be a partner in decision making, while also having us do all the hard work while you allocate your time and resources elsewhere.

How Our Experts Lead the Way as Your Fractional Capital Markets Team

Reviewing your Loan Request and Helping with Kick-off

When working with Cerebro, our experts act as your fractional Capital Markets team. They will partner with you to learn about your business and review your financing needs. You will gain access to valuable feedback and an valuable assessment of your loan request based on current market data and trends. Your Capital Markets partner will then begin the process of kicking off your loan request, including potential lender matches and appetite.

Document Preparation and Comprehensive Review

Your Capital Markets partner will help you determine the correct documents to prepare in order to move your loan request along. If you are not sure what materials lenders are looking for, our experts can help. They will provide you with a list of materials needed by lenders. 

They will take the time to carefully review your uploaded financial documents to help build a strong narrative for your business that aligns with lender expectations. 

Inviting Lenders and Matching to your Best Options

Your fractional Capital Markets team will engage multiple lenders at once by using our powerful, proven technology to curate a lender list to best fit your loan request. They will draft up a non-identifiable teaser to send out to your curated lender list. We will continue to do the heavy lifting by fielding lender responses, answering questions from both you and the lender, and further qualifying the best lender fits.

Term Sheet Support

Cerebro’s intelligent financing process delivers excellent term sheets to our customers. Our Capital Markets experts will provide you with a term sheet comparison chart that compares all your term sheet options in one place. You are not alone in choosing your best options, we will help you analyze and review the chart to help you pick what works best for your business. 

Due Diligence & Closing Assistance

In the end, you will decide which lender to move forward with. Your fractional Capital Markets team will assist you in completing due diligence for faster funding. They speak the lenders’ language and can help push credit committees to benefit your ultimate goal of securing the best lending partner. When you succeed, we succeed.

About Cerebro's Capital Markets Team

Our Capital Markets experts has over 100 years in combined lending experience. They have facilitated $5.6 in committed loan proposals for our mid-market customers. Working with Cerebro is not a one-and-done process. Our team becomes your long-term partner, helping you with any and all future financing needs, including refinancing. The team’s expertise spans far including asset-based lending, cash flow transactions, corporate finance, acquisition financing, non-bank lending, venture debt, and more. 


“Having access to Cerebro’s targeted group of lenders has given us confidence that we are getting the best deal in the market.”


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“Thank you! Without Cerebro it would have taken significantly longer to find the right lender.” 




“Working with Cerebro gave us more leverage and options than just working with our existing lender.”​


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