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Corporate Loan Management Platform

Designed by former bankers, Cerebro’s tools bring transparency and efficiency to the middle market loan industry. 

connecting All stakeholders in the debt markets

Cerebro Capital’s commercial loan software is revolutionizing and modernizing the corporate loan process. A team of financial and software experts combined their shared knowledge to build an all-in-one platform that creates efficient loan sourcing, debt placement and portfolio management for all stakeholders. 

Corporate Loan Lifecycle


Exclude incumbent lenders. Calculate borrowing capacity. Improve your existing rates & terms.


Track non-financial loan covenant compliance and calculate financial ratios. Receive alerts when deadlines approach.

Cerebro Capital - improving the Credit Lifecycle


Rely on data-driven matching. Automate communication. Leverage an expert loan transaction team.


Benchmark terms & rates. Use virtual data rooms and diligence checklists to stay on track to closing.

What makes Cerebro Capital different?

Cerebro Capital’s commercial loan management solutions optimize data on the private debt capital markets. Relationship banking will always be important, but public debt loans, credit card financing and personal home mortgages have more transparent options than middle market private companies. It’s time for the middle market to enjoy the same benefits of competitive pressure and comparative data. 

Let Cerebro handle every step in the corporate loan lifecycle. 

Corporate Borrowers

Data-driven algorithms & transaction experts pair companies to the more competitive lenders for their needs. For existing credit agreements, digital dashboards allow finance teams to monitor loan covenants and track reporting deadlines.


Automated debt placement software allows capital advisors to run more deals at a time through one platform. Utilizing their own lender contacts and optional access to Cerebro's Lender Network, they can increase the chance of successfully closing. 

Banks & Lenders

Lenders receive proprietary deal flow and free lead generation through the Lender Network. Loan compliance software allows them to receive automated compliance certificates and loan reporting through a SaaS portal.

Portfolio Managers

Digital dashboards provide visibility into loan covenants and financial reporting across multiple borrowers. Review metrics across a portfolio of loans. 

Multi-User Portal

Actionable Analytics

Privacy & Security

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