Featured Webinar

Buy, Sell or Hold?
Private Equity & Debt Capital Market Considerations

Listen to expert panelists discuss the current economic factors impacting the red hot M&A market, favorable deal structures, and factors affecting both buyers and sellers.

How Lenders Are Responding to Today's Market

Learn more about what drove Q3 lending activity, including government-backed loan programs, conventional financing and non-bank lending. 

Key Changes in Corporate Lending Post-COVID

Learn more about the current loan types available to middle market corporate borrowers, including the Main Street Loan Program, conventional loans, SBA loans and non bank lending. 

What is the Main Street Lending Program?

Up to $600 billion to help medium-sized business maintain keep workers employed amid the pandemic and economic downturn. This program provides regulated banks a funding facility to extend unsecured loans that are not federally guaranteed, but instead are sold to the Federal Reserve via a 95% participation.

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