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We can help you navigate the SBA loan process. Access the top SBA lenders all from one login. Receive favorable term sheets quickly, and close faster than your average local bank.

While there are hundreds of lenders that can provide SBA financing, not all of them will be a good fit for you. And not all of them are alike. Rates & certain terms can vary from lender to lender. 


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SBA Loan Marketplace

Cerebro’s commercial lending marketplace is revolutionizing the way companies find and close Small Business Administration (SBA) financing transactions through our data-driven technology, national lender network and proprietary matching process. Accessing & closing SBA loans has never been easier. Learn what sets Cerebro’s process apart. 

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Access Top Lenders

Data-driven algorithms match your company to the top SBA lenders that match your needs, from our network of 250+ SBA lenders, including PLPs (Preferred Lending Partners) as designated by the SBA.

Receive Terms in 48 hrs

Multiple lenders receive personal invitations to bid on your business. Vetted lenders quickly prepare term sheets. It's faster than scheduling individual meetings, and lets you see a range of options.

No Cost to You

Lenders pay the fees and there is no risk to you. There is no cost or obligation for borrowers to be matched with top lenders, receive custom term sheets, or to close loans faster than your local bank.

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Stay Confidential

Only lenders who have been matched to your loan & who agree to confidentiality will have access to your deal. Avoid endless cold calls by only sharing your phone & email with lenders who are ready to prepare terms.

Ask Yourself These Questions:

Do you own or are you looking to acquire a US based business with less than 250 employees?

Do you need working capital, growth capital, or acquisition financing?

Are you seeking between $500k and $5 million in debt financing at an attractive rate?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you are ready to start evaluating your SBA financing options. Find out how we can help you get started. 

How do SBA 7a Loans Compare to Other Financing?

Some of the terms in an SBA loan are standard and dictated by the SBA’s Standard Operating Procedures (maximum loan amount, loan maturity, maximum interest rates), while others vary widely lender-to-lender (effective interest rates, debt service coverage requirements, closing costs and fees). Overall, there are major advantages to the SBA 7a loan over other types of financing options. 

SBA 7a

Commercial Bank

Non-Bank Lender

Who are our SBA lenders?

Common Questions Regarding SBA Financing

Is the SBA 7a loan a good fit for mergers & acquisitions?

Yes, the SBA 7a loan is a great options for acquisition financing. When used for the acquisition of a business or the buyout of an existing partner, the 7a program offers the same advantageous rates, longer repayment periods, and more competitive loan terms. Click to learn more about acquisition financing.

Why do term sheets vary from lender to lender?

SBA loans are underwritten and issued by individual lending institutions rather than through the government agency. Each SBA approved lender has the right to decline any deal requests even if they technically qualify. Further, some lenders sell their SBA loans on the secondary market, which means that they might be more aggressive in bidding on opportunities in order to make a return on the sale. Finally, closing costs and loan fees also vary by lender, based on their own internal processes and costs incurred throughout closing.

My personal credit is “okay”. Can I still get an SBA loan?

Possibly! The SBA and most of its lenders are generally okay with a few small marks on your personal credit history. Generally, the lender is reviewing the strength of the business and if it can support the payments. However, if you have an open, not-yet-discharged bankruptcy, active collections, or the like, it is prudent to clean up your personal credit before applying for any business loans.

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How Cerebro Capital Makes Corporate Loans Simple:

Using our data-driven technology and tools, borrowers can access an estimate of available loan options, borrowing capacity, borrower strengths and weaknesses, personalized lender matches and secure data rooms – all in one place – so you can save time and make the best decision for your business, while working smarter, not harder, with support from our expert capital markets team.

We make it easy and find the right lenders for you

Our data-driven platform matches you to lenders, from our 1000+ network, likely to be interested in your loan – eliminating the need for tedious, time-consuming screening calls and meetings.

We are fast and targeted

We get your loan profile to the market and receive lender interest within 48 hours, often less time than it would take to schedule a single potential lender meeting with the traditional approach. We don't just help book meetings faster, we get better deals done faster compared to the traditional approach.

We get you a better deal

Our real-time market intelligence provides transparency while our data-driven matching process and a targeted group of lenders from our national network compete to win your deal, helping you obtain better rates and terms.

We help you navigate the process

While you remain in control of the process, our expert transactions team is available to guide you – streamlining the debt sourcing process, ensuring confidentiality and eliminating hurdles to help you close faster.