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Corporate Loan Platform

Cerebro Capital’s commercial loan software is revolutionizing and modernizing the corporate loan process. A team of financial and software experts combined their shared knowledge to build an all-in-one platform that creates efficient loan sourcing and portfolio management processes. Please find resources below to share with different client personas. 

Corporate Borrowers

Finding & Closing Loans

Rely on loan market data to match with over 650+ lenders. Competitive bidding process ensures best rates & terms for mid market loans.

Loan Compliance

Use software to track loan covenants and report covenant compliance. Ensure you are never in loan default with workflows and approvals.

Overview: Compliance Navigator

Brochure about Cerebro's Loan Compliance platform including screenshots.

Overview: Credit Explorer

Brochure about Cerebro's data-driven and tech-enabled debt placement services.

Guidebook: Managing multiple Credit Agreements

Learn best practices and use a checklist to better manage loan compliance across multiple credit agreements.

Calculator: Debt Capacity

Calculate how much borrowing capacity the company has across various loan structures.

Case Study: $12.5MM MBO for Asset-light Co

Description of a recent MBO transactions run through Cerebro's debt placement platform.

Case Study: $5MM SaaS Company Acquisition

Description of a recent SaaS company acquisition deal run through Cerebro debt placement platform.

Private Equity Firms

Debt Placement Platform

Rely on loan market data to increase negotiating leverage, time the market and expedite closings.

Loan Compliance

Have CFOs report loan compliance through SaaS platform and run reports across the portfolio.

Overview: Debt Placement for PE Firms

Brochure about benefits of Cerebro's debt placement platform.

Overview: Loan Compliance for Portfolio Companies

Brochure about Cerebro's loan compliance platform for PE firms.

Case Study: PE-Backed Portco Seeks Working Cap from Non-bank

Description of recent sponsor-backed transaction run through Cerebro's debt placement platform.


Receiving Deal Flow

Banks & Non-bank lenders are matched to free pre-qualified deal flow from middle market borrowers.

Managing Loan Compliance

Borrowers report loan compliance through SaaS platform and lenders review compliance across the portfolio.

Overview: Cerebro Capital for Lenders

Brochure: 5 Reasons to Join Cerebro's Platform and Loan Compliance

Next Steps For Interested Clients

Survey: Complimentary Financing Analysis

Complete short company profile & schedule personal consultation to learn what financing options are available.

Schedule Call: General Info & Questions

Link to schedule a one on one call with Cerebro's sales team.

Schedule Demo: Compliance Navigator

Link to schedule a one on one demo with Cerebro's sales team. Learn how loan compliance can be simplified.


Client provides Cerebro with the loan agreement, compliance certificate templates and associated financial statements. Cerebro’s team creates a digital dashboard with all non-financial and financial covenants. Client receives login to double check and confirm implementation is complete. It’s an easy setup and requires little effort from the client. 

Our loan compliance platform works across all industries and credit agreement types. The loan marketplace is not yet designed for investment real estate or project financing deals. 

YES! It is designed to be a multi-access point platform and eliminates manual data entry across all users. However, some clients choose to only use the system internally. 

Yes. Cerebro’s software tools are sold a la carte and clients can choose to use only one portion of the system as needed. 

Almost all Cerebro users have pre-existing lender relationships. Our process easily incorporates those lenders to maximize negotiating leverage. The borrower always has full control over which lenders are engaged. 

Banks and non-bank lenders across the middle market are all listed on the network. Those include the top 10 national US banks, regional & community banks, mezzanine funds, venture debt lenders, SBICs & BDCs, and other fincos. 

Typical loan sizes range from $2MM on the low end to over $100MM on the high end. 

No. Its free for lenders to complete a lender profile and receive matched deal opportunities. 

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