Portfolio Navigator

Portfolio NAvigator

Corporate Loan Tracking Software

Covenant Compliance Aggregation

Cerebro Capital’s Portfolio Navigator is a comprehensive corporate loan tracking software for organizations with multiple corporate loans, who want to communicate cross-functionally, aggregate reports, and manage covenant compliance from a single platform. Our loan tracking software aggregates multiple loans’ financial statements and tracks debt compliance in a single platform. Now parent companies, PE firms and commercial lenders can monitor commercial loan compliance across a portfolio of entities.

AGGREGATE Financial Statements

Take any Excel spreadsheet and quickly upload to the platform. Review across multiple entities.

Portfolio Compliance Dashboard

From one platform, review the status of loan compliance, financial performance and loan reporting.

Notifications & Automatic Alerts

Stakeholders can receive email alerts ensuring deadlines are met and reports are delivered on time.

Comprehensive Roll-Up Reporting

Borrowers have unique login info and the platform aggregates data for portfolio visibility.

Portfolio Management for Everyone

Financial reports and non-financial questions are entered at individual SME or company level and approved for review. Company reports and covenant status is then instantly visible across multiple entities. Without re-entering data, reports can be generated for managing directors and LPs.

Portfolio - Ready Reporting

Cerebro’s Portfolio Navigator is commercial loan tracking software built from the ground up. Portfolio Navigator allows seamless sharing of data between the individual company and its financing partners.

Discover a better way to manage loan compliance across your portfolios. Schedule a demo today.

Cerebro created an all-in-one covenant compliance tracking platform. During a short demo, learn how Cerebro’s Portfolio Navigator can transform your processes. 

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