Portfolio Navigator

Portfolio Navigator

Loan compliance on a single platform.

Multiple portfolio companies. 

Reports for finance teams, portfolio managers and LPs. 


AGGREGATE Financial Statements

Take any Excel spreadsheet and quickly upload to the platform. Review across multiple entities.

Notifications & Automatic Alerts

Stakeholders can receive email alerts ensuring deadlines are met and reports are delivered on time.

Portco Compliance Dashboard

From one platform, review the status of loan compliance, financial strength and progress of credit RFPs.

Comprehensive Roll-Up Reporting

Borrowers enter their own information into their account which rolls up to portfolio view and rolls up to LPS.

Portfolio Management for Everyone


Financial reports entered at individual company level and approved for review.

Portfolio Managers & Analysts

Company reports and covenant status instantly visible across multiple entities.

Limited Partners

Without re-entering data, reports can be generated for managing directors and LPs.

Portfolio-Ready Reporting

Cerebro’s Portfolio Navigator is built from the ground up to allow seamless sharing of data between the individual company and its financing partners. 

If you are managing credit agreements for a single borrower, we offer many of the same great features in our Compliance Navigator product. 

Discover a better way
to manage portfolios

Cerebro's Portfolio Navigator:

- Automates loan compliance
- Improves portfolio management
- Streamlines LP reporting

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