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Loan Assessment

Discover debt structuring options you never knew were possible. 

Loan Assessment Includes:

Available Lender Options

We work with over 800 banks and non-bank lenders. We can tell you which lender class makes the most sense for your deal. 

Borrowing Capacity

Based on data collected from lenders and closed deals on our platform, we can give you an estimate of your borrowing capacity. 

Financing Viability

We can tell you before engaging with lenders, if your deal is financeable in the market and if there are hurdles to overcome. 

Terms & Rates to Expect

Don’t be surprised. Learn what terms and rates you can expect in the market if you were to enage lenders. 

Loan Assessment Overview


Why call one lender at a time when you can access data from over 800 bank & non-bank lenders here?

Image: Cerebro Capital Complimentary Loan Analysis Questionnaire


After completing your survey, our team will follow up with you to provide commentary & candid feedback on your financing options.

Cerebro Capital’s Credit Explorer process is designed for companies with $5 million or more in revenue, who are seeking at least $2 million or more in financing. 

We do not currently work with investment real estate or project financing.