Lender Referrals


Lender Referral Program


Cerebro Capital’s commercial loan platform is revolutionizing and modernizing the corporate loan process. Cerebro has partnered with a diverse network of bank and non-bank lenders to help middle-market companies source financing for a variety of business needs. 

Lenders are invited to submit borrower referrals for deals that they are currently unable to support for prospects or existing clients. Earn charity gifts or other rewards for every referral that leads to a signed contract.

Borrowers receive a complimentary loan assessment

Provide immediate value back to your clients with Cerebro’s complimentary output analysis. Based on data collected from lenders and closed deals on our platform, we can give your client an estimate of their borrowing capacity, financing viability and terms and rates to expect for their requested loan size.

Borrower assessment includes:

Borrowing Capacity

Borrowing Capacity

Based on data collected from lenders and closed deals on our platform, we can give you an estimate of your borrowing capacity.

Borrower Strengths & Weaknesses

Borrower Strengths & Weaknesses

Our loan assessment will help a borrower understand the strength of their financing ask and where they could potentially need to alter their expectations.

Financing Viability

Financing Viability

We can tell you before engaging with lenders, if your deal is financeable in the market and if there are hurdles to overcome.

Who should you refer?

We invite lenders to refer borrowers seeking $2 million to $100 million in financing to our platform for specific requests that they are unable to fulfill. Lenders can also indicate their current status with the borrower, so that any new financing deals explored are supportive of the existing banking relationship. 

Loan Profile

Cerebro Capital is focused on supporting middle market corporate borrowers seeking to raise debt for business growth, working capital and acquisitions. Cerebro does not currently support investment real estate, project financing, startups seeking seed capital or pure equity transactions. 

Refer a Borrower

Lenders are invited to refer their clients to Cerebro Capital through our deal referral program. Simply submit a referral form and Cerebro will follow up on your request. Lenders may choose to receive referral rewards – either charity gifts or other rewards – for referred borrowers that sign a contract with Cerebro.

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Refer a borrower to Cerebro

Let Cerebro help your clients understand the viability of their debt deal and identify additional financing options available from our lender network. Refer borrowers in your lender portal

Prefer a more personal outreach to prospects? Copy sales@cerebrocapital.com on an introductory email to your referral.