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Take advantage of data-driven algorithms to match your risk profile to borrowers who are currently in the market to refinance or source new credit facilities.

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Middle market credit facilities have been placed or managed through Cerebro’s platform. Don’t wait or you could miss out on your next great opportunity. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s free to join! No costs or obligations. 

Direct lenders who provide loans over $1 million to companies headquartered in the United States. Commercial banks, non-bank lenders, small business investment companies (SBICs), business development companies (BDCs), mezzanine funds, family offices, and other types of specialty lenders are all eligible to join.

We support a wide range of middle market borrowers and intermediaries across almost all industries. Our matching algorithms do not yet handle investment real estate projects or startup capital raises

You will receive an email alert when a borrower’s loan application matches with your lender profile. We will even include financial metrics about the company and commentary regarding the purpose of the request.

You will receive an email alert with teaser information. You may click on a link to quickly accept or decline. After reviewing the company’s data room documents, you can request to schedule a call with the borrower directly. Cerebro will continue working with the borrower and lender to reach a successful closing. 

To access a borrower’s data room, you will be asked to click through a confidentiality agreement. You will be able to review the standard language and make changes. 

Yes! We work with sponsored deals frequently. You can set a filter in your profile to ensure you only match with sponsored-backed borrowers. 

Cerebro’s process is designed to be beneficial to both parties. The algorithmic matching process ensures we are only inviting a small group of lenders for each deal. Once lenders drop or decline a new wave of lenders can be invited. But the process ensures invited lenders are only competing with a small cohort so the deal is worth everyone’s time. 

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  • Takes 10 minutes to complete
  • Detailed profiles result in better matches
  • No cost or obligation 

NOTE: Cerebro’s Lender Network is designed for direct lenders only. We do not list intermediaries or advisors on the network. However, many intermediaries and advisors use our Deal Compass tools to help them run their debt placements more efficiently. Click here to learn more information.