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Corporate Loan Management Platform

Designed by former bankers, Cerebro’s tools bring transparency and efficiency to the middle market loan industry. 

connecting All stakeholders in the debt markets

Cerebro Capital’s commercial loan software is revolutionizing and modernizing the corporate loan process. A team of financial and software experts combined their shared knowledge to build an all-in-one platform that creates efficient lender sourcing, debt placement and loan compliance for all stakeholders. 

Corporate Loan Lifecycle


Benchmark current market rates & terms. Calculate borrowing capacity. Rely on debt experts and data to test the market.


Track non-financial loan covenant compliance and calculate financial ratios. Receive alerts when deadlines approach.

Cerebro Capital - improving the Credit Lifecycle


Rely on data-driven matching. Automate communication. Leverage an expert loan transaction team.


Benchmark terms & rates. Use virtual data rooms and diligence checklists to stay on track to closing.

What makes Cerebro Capital different?

Cerebro Capital’s commercial loan management solutions streamline manual loan tasks and optimize data on the private debt capital markets. Public debt loans, credit card financing and personal home mortgages have traditionally benefited from more transparent options than middle market private companies. It’s time for the middle market loan industry to enjoy the same benefits of automation, transparency and comparative data. 

Cerebro’s platform was built by middle market experts to assist every debt stakeholder.  Reach more successful deals.  Quickly identify the right lending partnerships. Manage loan compliance more efficiently. Learn why Cerebro is different. 

Multi-User Platform

Actionable Analytics

User Privacy & Data Security

Industry Insights & Expertise

Customer Care & Training Included


Cerebro’s Credit Explorer is a borrower-lender matching platform with that equips mid-market companies with the tools and experts needed to negotiate the best debt structure for their organization. Enjoy a focused negotiation process with term sheets typically delivered within 21 days. Learn how the Cerebro process can improve your loan terms!

  • 800+ Lenders – Banks & Non-Banks 
  • Expert Transactions Team
  • Quick & Efficient Debt Placement Process
  • Designed for mid-market companies seeking $2MM-$100MM in financing

Once a credit agreement is in place, companies can mitigate their risk of tripping a loan covenant by using an automated loan compliance platform. Change the way your finance team cross-functionally communicates and tracks compliance with Compliance Navigator. Learn how tech-savvy CFOs are reducing risk and saving time automating their loan compliance. 

  • Automatically calculate financial covenants
  • Track non-financial covenants and triggers
  • Receive alerts & reminders for reporting deadlines
  • Generate compliance certificates

As a member of our diverse Lender Network, relationship managers associated with banks and non-bank lenders gain access to pre-qualified deals that are relevant to their specific risk profile. Join Our Lender Network Now!

  • Proprietary lead generation
  • Sponsored & non-sponsored deal flow
  • Receive email notification only when deal aligns with investment criteria
  • Free to join!

Cerebro’s two way portal allows borrowers to report loan compliance and financials directly within a secure platform. Lenders can now run loan reports across their fund or portfolio. Learn more about Portfolio Navigator!

  • Multi-user access, permissions & admin rights
  • Internal & external messaging tied to specific line items, covenants, etc
  • Dashboards and portfolio reporting

Third-party intermediaries and debt advisors use our debt placement software to run more deals with less manual work. Invite known lenders and access new lender relationships from one platform. Learn more about Deal Compass here. 

  • Lender address book for existing relationships
  • Automated teasers & response tracking
  • Secure virtual data rooms
  • Option to access network of 650+ bank and non-lenders

Independent Sponsors are seeking a cost effective and efficient way to secure debt financing across a variety of deals. Typically, speed to closing is an important factor in choosing to work with Cerebro. Receive a complimentary analysis on your deal today!

  • Full debt placement advisory services built on data & software and backed by team of capital markets experts
  • Self-service debt placement platform with access to 650+ bank & non-bank lenders

Our Portfolio Navigator takes the key features of our Compliance Navigator and creates a single commercial loan management platform that allows PE firms and portfolio managers to aggregate financial statements, automate reports at all organizational levels, and track financial/non-financial covenant compliance. Discover Portfolio Navigator.

  • Visibility into portfolio company’s loan compliance & financials
  • Multi-user access to allow for direct reporting from portcos
  • Aggregate reporting & loan compliance dashboard views

PE firms & capital markets teams use our debt placement software to efficiently secure the best financing in the market. Invite known lenders and access new lender relationships from one platform. Learn more about Deal Compass here. 

  • Manage existing lender relationships
  • Automate deal teasers & track reponses
  • Setup secure virtual data rooms
  • Access to network of 800+ bank and non-lenders

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Learn how Cerebro helps organizations retire inefficient tracking processes and replace manual systems with a seamless, online, all-in-one corporate loan platform.