Deal Sonar Process

Deal Sonar

Middle Market Lender Matching

Introducing deal sonar

Cerebro’s Deal Sonar enables companies to market a perpetual loan request with our Lender Network. In just a few simple steps, your non-identifiable business profile will be consistently marketed to lenders whose investment criteria matches your request. When lenders indicate they are interested in your business, you’ll receive a market alert and can move forward with securing a deal.


Is your deal financeable?

Before formally engaging with lenders, complete a loan assessment to determine deal viability, borrowing capacity, and which pool of lenders will be best positioned for your needs. Cerebro can help you determine how to best position your deal in today’s lending market. Time your deal and loan structure for the optimal market conditions and land the financing that you need to run and grow your business. 

Already completed your loan assessment? Contact sales to access your Deal Sonar profile.


By the numbers

350 +
$ 0.1 B
Managed Loan Facilities
Days to Term Sheets*

*Turnaround time varies based on loan criteria

How do I find interested lenders?

Market your loan on Deal Sonar

Deal Sonar enables companies to share an open loan request with Cerebro’s Lender Network. With a complete loan profile, lenders will be able to express interest in your debt deal.

When enough lenders show interest, you will be notified on how to secure financing.

Keep your loan request updated monthly, as new lenders are added and investment criteria changes on a regular basis. 


It’s easy to setup a request on Deal Sonar:

Frequently Asked Questions

Only lenders whose underwriting criteria matches your company profile. This ensures they are a more captive audience and more likely to respond to your loan request.

Only the high level profile information necessary for lenders to assess their interest level. Those fields include: industry, revenue, EBITDA, balance sheet, and loan size requested. Your company name and contact information is NEVER shared with lenders so you don’t have to field unnecessary sales calls. You will only be notified by Cerebro directly if a lender expresses interest.

There are many factors that could cause lenders to change how they see your credit profile and loan request over time. A shift in any of these factors could cause previously non-interested lenders to express interest in providing you financing. Those factors include:


Loan quotas: Lenders have loan quotas to fulfill. In the event that their prior period had soft growth, they may be willing to be more aggressive in seeking new borrowers and new loans. 

Lender strategy:  Bank strategy is a big factor in lender risk appetite. Banks are regularly changing their strategy regarding their industry focus, size of companies, risk profiles, etc. Their change in strategy may come as part of a merger, change in bank leadership, or desire to improve internal performance. 

Economic shifts: The health of the economy weighs heavily on how banks select borrowers and loan opportunities. This mostly affects companies in cyclical industries, but in times of great economic volatility, it can affect all companies as banks are more discerning of borrower forecasts. 

Borrower Performance: Banks can change their view of a company based on how they perform in upcoming months and quarters. Any positive or negative shifts in historical or projected performance could repel or attract lenders. Additionally, the continuation of good performance trends can also attract new lenders since sustained financial performance is a big factor in most lenders’ underwriting criteria.

Initial lender interest is only the first step to closing a loan. Once lenders indicate they would like to engage with you, Cerebro will contact you directly to formally launch your RFP process. If you choose to move forward, you will be assigned a dedicated transactions team who will help you prepare your loan package, populate your data room, craft your request narrative and identify a go to market strategy that will help you leverage competitive pressure. After your loan RFP is launched, the closing process could take on average 6-12 weeks depending on type of lender and deal complexity.

Debt Placement Innovated

Cerebro’s commercial loan matching software combines proprietary technology with a capital markets team to connect you with bank and non-bank lenders. A data-driven approach ensures corporate borrowers receive the best financing deal and middle market lenders never waste time with the wrong borrower profile. 

Common Loan Application

Complete one universal loan application and save time by answering questions once.

Diverse Network of Lenders

Instantly match with large network of lenders including banks, non-banks and mezzanine lenders.

Secure Data Rooms

Interact directly with your approved lenders using secure data rooms and confidentiality approval process.

Financing Expert Team

Team of lending experts works to tell the deal narrative and facilitate lenders interactions.

Term Sheet Comparison

Competitive bid process & streamlined technology result in side-by-side comparison of various loan offers.

Closing Support

Diligence checklists & transactions team eliminate surprises and get you through a smooth closing process.


Pays for itself

Cost-effective engagement

Cerebro team is incentivized to find you the best deal.

Current lender excluded from RFP

No risk in comparing other options in the market.

Lender feedback

Regardless of the outcome, you will receive insights and feedback.

What types of loans are available?

Rates and terms across the same types of lenders can vary more than you think. And within each lender, multiple loan structures and financing types might be available. Our commercial business loan platform works with various groups within both bank and non-bank lenders to ensure you get the best deal in the market.

Loan Types

Term Loan
Lines of Credit
Letters of Credit
Bridge Loans
Purchase Order Finance

Financing Purposes

Growth Capital
Working Capital
Office/Plant Expansion
Leveraged Buyouts
Retail Inventory
Software Leasing

Deal Structures

Senior Secured & Unsecured
Junior Secured & Unsecured
Second Lien Loan
Mezzanine Financing
Senior Stretch
Asset Based

Lender Categories

National Banks
Community Banks
Asset-Based Lenders
Mezzanine Funds
Venture Debt Lenders
Other Non-banks


In addition to the various loan programs offered by banks pre-COVID, we are helping clients access the new programs announced under the CARES Act on March 27th, 2020. 

What types of lenders are on the network?

Cerebro’s Lender Network includes top US banks, regional banks, mezzanine funds, private debt funds, venture debt lenders, and more. Each type of lender uses its capital differently so term sheets can look very different across the spectrum. It’s important to compare diverse options to optimize your receive the most optimal terms. Why call one back at a time when you can access all the different types in one place.