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Cerebro recognized the need for mid-market companies to source loans more quickly and efficiently. CFOs were running manual RFPs, which included countless phone calls to individual lenders, hours compiling spreadsheets, answering constant questions and follow up questions, only to repeat the process numerous times to get an estimate of what terms are market. Cerebro’s commercial loan software and transaction team does more than connect you with qualified lenders—it streamlines the entire RFP process from start to close and ensures you get the best terms in the market. 


By the numbers

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*turnaround time varies based on loan criteria

Debt placement without the hassle

Cerebro’s commercial loan matching software combines proprietary technology with a capital markets team to connect you with bank and non-bank lenders. A data-driven approach ensures corporate borrowers receive the best financing deal and middle market lenders never waste time with the wrong borrower profile. 

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Diverse network of lenders

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Term sheet comparison


Before formally engaging with lenders, have our transactions team review your company profile and financing request. They can determine deal viability, borrowing capacity and which pool of lenders will be best positioned for your needs. 

Credit Explorer

Pays for itself

Cost-effective engagement

Cerebro team is incentivized to find you the best deal.

Current lender excluded from RFP

No risk in comparing other options in the market.

Lender feedback

Regardless of the outcome, you will receive insights and feedback.

No two lenders are the same

Rates and terms across the same types of lenders can vary more than you think. Our commercial business loan platform works with bank and non-bank lenders of varying sizes and types to ensure you get the best deal in the market.

Recent Case Study


Cerebro Capital recently assisted a middle market company in accessing financing for an acquisition. The borrowing company was short on time and resources so they turned to Cerebro to facilitate the process. However, they didn’t expect much differentiation in term sheets. They incorrectly perceived the banks to be very similar in their offerings. The results of the deal proved to them that running Cerebro’s streamlined process not only saved time but got them the best deal in the market. 


Based on the metrics of the deal, the company matched with a list of both bank and non-bank lenders on Cerebro’s Lender Network. After a thorough discussion with the company, Cerebro’s team further qualified the lender list to bring a diverse and competitive group to the deal. Within 21 days, lenders returned term sheets and the borrower was surprised to see the material variances between loan amounts, collateral required, and the need for personal guarantees. 


Had the client simply refinanced with their incumbent, they would have had to put twice as much equity into the acquisition compared to the other lenders Cerebro brought to the table. It should also be noted that there were several other lenders which were unable to deliver any term sheets despite the fact that they were similar sizes and brands. Had the borrower only selected these lenders in their RFP, they would have incorrectly believed their deal wasn’t financeable at all. 

Want to find new lenders and compare term sheets?

Learn more about how Cerebro’s financing experts and proprietary technology can streamline your process of finding a lender. Depending on your deal, you could receive term sheets in as little as 21 days.

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